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June.20, 2015- NLHF would like to congradulate Josiane Leduc Symm's Warmblood Breeding Farm Inc. on the arrival of there beautiful chestnut filly today. Filly (Ella Donna) is out of Domkreista by Domiro (Donnerhall) and was sired by our very own Eclipsed by Color. Congrats from all of us at NLHF for the safe and healthy arrival of this beautiful correct filly :)

Ella Donna



March.24, 2015- RIP old friend. This week was a hard week for all of us at NLHF as we say goodbye to an old friend Arthur. He was a great farm dog that will be missed dearly. Thank you to all handlers and caretakers over the years who contributed to 15 years of memories. He will always be looking over NLHF.

Feb. 27, 2015 -2014 RPSI Highest Scoring Mare for Deutsches Sportpferd Book!!!


View Complete List of Top Scoring Mares

Feb.18, 2015- Northern Legacy Horse Farm, based out of Whitefish, Ontario Canada is pleased to inform breeders that we possess 2 doses of frozen semen out of Olympic Champion and 2008 world #1 ranked show jumper Hickstead. Due to the rare nature of this semen we are asking a sale price of $30,000 US dollars per dose plus shipping and applicable taxes. If you are interested in purchasing Hickstead semen for your breeding program please contact to discuss logistics.

Feb.17,2015- NLHF would like to congratulate Douglas Howe for his purchase of his second Eclipsed by Color foal. He is now the proud owner of Basil from our 2013 foals and the proud owner of Salt from our 2014 foals.

June.02,2014-Chilly "Enchanted" made NLHF proud today at her first show she was the WINNER of the non TB yearling filly in Devon with big thanks going out to Charlie Brown for handling her and to Laprise Stable for preparing her for this big event.


Apr. 01,2014-Eclipsed by Color semen collections have started.



Jan. 22, 2014- Most of our horses for sale will be in an online auction till February 9/2014 please check out this auction and all of our Eclipsed by Color foals for sale.

If you are interested in one of our foals in particular please look them up by name on the auction website. The horses available for sale in the auction are Flutie, Cayenne, Pepper, Paprika, Saffron, Elway, Moon, Tebow, Sage, Rosemary, Parsley and Brett. Eclipsed by Color Semen will also be available in the auction.

Jan. 21, 2014- We are excited to welcome Freia (Eclipsed By Color Dam) to her new home at NLHF.

Dec. 13, 2013- Congrats to the new owners of Basil.... all of us at NLHF wish you the best with your new beautiful filly. 

Sept. 20, 2013- Congrats to the new owners of Herrick...we at NLHF wish you all the best.

Sept. 3, 2013- Surprise alpaca born at NLHF Philis is a healthy little girl and a great addition to the alpaca herd.

Aug. 28, 2013- Successful RPSI inspection several gold and silver premium foals! NLHF can't wait for the 2014 RPSI inspection.

July. 17 2013- NLHF is excited to announce that our 2013 foaling season was a success. All of our foals are born and doing great please keep checking our foals page for more information and picture on our gorgeous foals.




CAYENNE  was born April 4, 2013.          SAFFRON was born April 7, 2013.         BASIL was born April 30, 2013.



PEPPER was born May 4, 2013.            PAPRIKA was born May 10, 2013.           FLUTIE was born May 15, 2013.



DAWSON was born May 30, 2013.           CHILI was born July 14, 2013.


June. 21 2013- We are so excited for the arrival of our last 2013 Color Guard foal expected July 14th.

May.30 2013-Congratulations to the Jorgensen Family on their newest family member born May 29th at 4:00am. Etana also known as "Emmy" is a beautiful little filly sired by our stallion Color Guard (Eclipsed by Color). Congratulations once again.

Etana two days old.

May.15 2013- Congratulations to the new owners of Blondie and Gunner we at NLHF wish you a very successful show career.

May.13 2013- NLHF will have new horses for sale in the near future please keep on checking our horses for sale page for our great prospects and show horses for sale.

Apr.9 2013 - NLHF would like to congratulate Last Laugh Farms on there beautiful Color Guard (Eclipsed by color) Filly. Dave and Ellen Brown owners of LLF described there beautiful baby girl as being " BIG, strong, very correct, long legged, big boned, huge joints and clearly a winner in the making! ". An interesting fact is that Ballyecho this beautiful filly's dam is also For the Moment dam. Both mother (Ballyecho) and daughter (For the Moment) have given birth to beautiful chestnut filly's out of our stallion Color Guard this 2013 breeding season.

Ballyecho and Catalaya




Results 2013 OCALA Show Circuit

Photo Credit to Danette Philpot

Feb.14 2013- Please browse through our website we have made lots of changes. Don't forget to check out our horses for sale.

Oct.17 2012-Welcome Le Chocolat to NLHF. We would like to thank Katelyn and her family for giving us the opportunity to own this beautiful mare!!

Sept.26 2012-We would like to let the public know that NLHF has  some frozen Hickstead semen for sale. For more information please contact us via email:

Sept.14 2012- We still have three female kittens looking for a home. Two beige and one orange. Please contact us at (705)-866-6543 if you are interested in a FREE kitten.

Aug.21 2012- NLHF was for the first time the official host site for an RPSI inspection.  We wish to thank RPSI and their representatives for their amazing support in setting up our first ever inspection.  We would also like to mention that three of our 2012 foals were awarded gold premium, our other four 2012 foals were awarded silver premium and four of our broodmares were awarded premium mare.

Aug.1 2012-NLHF has six new furry friends, three orange, two beige and one white.

July.26 2012- We have a couple retired broodmares FREE to an exceptional home please check out our horses for sale page for more information.

July.19 2012- Please check out our new show horse page, which is under construction. It will contain there pictures, information and show updates.

July. 14 2012- NLHF is proud to announce that our 2012 foaling season went well, we have seven beautiful healthy foals. Please check our foals page to see pictures and information on our new foals.

May. 18 2012- NLHF is pleased to announce the birth of four more healthy foals. ELWAY, JASMINE, PARSLEY and ROSEMARY. Please visit the foals page for information and pictures of our beautiful foals.

May. 4 2012- NLHF is proud to welcome SAGE our first Color Guard (Eclipsed by Color) foal born here at the farm. Delivery went well and she is a beautiful, healthy, grey filly.

April.28 2012- NLHF is excited to announce the arrival of our first foal of the season MOON. Delivery went well at Manning Equine Vet Services and he is a handsome, healthy, black colt.

April.16 2012- SHOW HORSES NOW AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE. We have some show horses available now please see our horses for sale page for more information. Please call the barn to arrange a visit and or test ride (705)866-6543.

April.15 2012-Color Guard (Eclipsed By Color) babies arriving soon. We are very excited at NLHF for our 2012 foaling season!  We are expecting seven foals, and six of them are sired by our own Color Guard (Eclipsed By Color). Please keep checking this website for updates on our mares pregnancies. Our first foal is expected on April 26 Dam: Mitra and Sire: Color Guard


Photo by Angela Pritchard

April. 11 2012- Color Guard (Eclipsed By Color) semen is now available here is the breeding contracts. For any questions or concerns please contact us.

Color Guards 2012 Canada breeding contract

Color Guards 2012 USA breeding contract

April. 2 2012- NLHF are the new owners of  two Alpacas

April.1 2012- Tonic welcome home to NLHF

Feb. 6 2012 -Cathy Inch, Katriina Ruotsalo and the NLHF show horses are enjoying the sun in Ocala, Florida and are doing well at the HITS Ocala winter circuit horse show. To vue there results please visite the HITS website

Feb. 1 2012- Quarter Horse BLOW OUT SALE!!! must sell please make an offer on Brady, Bradshaw, Cinnamon and Maggie they can be seen on the Horses for sale page. Please contact for extra information would like these horses sold before end of February.

Oct. 31 2011- Please check out our horses for sales because we are having a QUARTER HORSES BLOW OUT SALE. All quarter horses need to go please make use an offer.


Oct. 2 2011- NLHF would like to welcome Emile, Gunner and Herrick to their new home.  These three handsome boys are Hanoverians purchased at the 2011 RCMP auction.

Oct. 1 2011- Color Guard (Eclipsed By Color) will be at the RCMP auction as a guest, hoping to have a big audience. Breeding and Information packages will be available soon please contact us if Color Guard is the stallion for you.

Royal Canadian Mounted Police Foundation

Sept. 28 2011-Congrats show horses on your show year: For A division year end in Open Conformation, Blondie "Wiroko" is Champion and Ranier "Rainier" is Reserve Champion. Good job horses and way to go Cathy Inch!!! For the Low Adult Amateur, Ranier "Rainier" is Champion and Blondie "Wiroko" came in third. Great work horses and way to go Katriina Ruotsalo with special thanks to Morgan Methe for taking over when Katriina was unable to be at the shows!!!!

Sept. 15-18 2011- Results for the 2011 Autumn Classic, at Caledon Equestrian Park, Palgrave, are now available. Blondie "Wiroko" and Ranier "Rainier" did very well and to see there results please visite Good work boys !!!

Sept. 13 2011- NLHF is so excited to welcome Momie "For The Moment" to her new home. For the Moment, a chestnut mare, was the first foal of 2009 born on April Fool’s Day at Last Laugh Farm.  She is tall, elegant, correct and has a magnificent top-line, reminiscent of her grand sire Furioso II.

For The Moment

For the Future

Furioso II


Dame De Ranville






Deputy Minister

Sister Dot

My Pretty Echo

Eastern Echo

Bo Pretty


Sept. 12-25 2011- Color Guard "Eclipsed By Color", Blondie "Wiroko" and Ranier "Rainier" are showing in Palgrave, Ontario for the last two weeks of show season GOOD LUCK boys!! : )

Sept. 12 2011- Nala one of NLHF Malamutes is looking for a new forever home. She is a wonderful 5year old Malamute but she just doesn't get along with the other female dogs at NLHF. She is great with kids but is recommended for someone with no other dogs and that is looking for an outdoor dog. FREE to good home please contact us if you are interested.

 Sept. 12 2011- The Show Horses are back from Saugerties, New York they all did great and we are proud of them, to see more of there results please visit the HITS website.

Sept. 2 2011- All of NLHF broodmares got an ultrasound today. Only Aunt Marsha has reabsorbed her foal and is no longer pregnant.  All of the other broodmares and there foals are very healthy.  Keep up the good work mares !!!

Sept 2-11 2011- The results for NLHF show horses this week in Saugerties, New York are as fallowed:

With Cathy Inch, Rainier has a 5th and 6th placing in performance hunters, Blondie "Wiroko" has a 8th and 8th placing in performance hunters, and Pumpkin has a 2nd placing in level 1 jumpers.

With Jill Henselwood, Color Guard placed 3rd in the level 3 jumper.

With Katriina Ruotsalo, Blondie "Wiroko" has a 1st, 2nd, 2nd and 2nd therefore he was reserve champion of the adult novice equitation division, and Pumpkin has a 3rd, 5th, 5th and 4th in the pre-adult hunter division.

Horses and Riders keep up the good work and good luck!!!!!

For more updates on NLHF show horses results please visit the HITS website.

Aug.29 – Sept. 2 2011 - The results for NLHF show horses for this week in Saugerties, New York are as fallowed:

With Cathy Inch, Rainier has a 2nd and 5th placing in performance hunters, Blondie "Wiroko" has a 8th and 4th placing in performance hunters, and Pumpkin has a 6th and 4th placing in level 1 jumpers.

With Katriina Ruotsalo, Rainier has a 1st , 2nd, 3rd and 6th therefore he was reserve champion of the modified adult hunters division, Blondie "Wiroko" has a 1st, 2nd, 4th and 4th therefore he was reserve champion of the adult limit equitation division, and Pumpkin was a superstar finishing 6th in level 0 jumpers.

Aug. 29- Sept. 11 2011- Ranier "Rainier", Color Guard "Eclipsed By Color", Blondie "Wiroko" and Pumpkin "Pumpkin" are showing HITS in Saugerties, New York GOOD LUCK guys!! Keep an eye out for Cathy Inch and Rainier in the Diamond Mills $500,000 Derby we which then luck.

Aug.24 2011- Color Guard also known as Eclipsed By Color is now a licensed Hanoverian Stallion. CONGRATULATION Color Guard !!!!

Feb. 26 2011 - Mini Cooper goes to school!! Our miniature horse, Cooper left for training today. He will be learning to jump and to pull a buggy. He will be trained at Verdiel Stables in Hanmer, ON, home to therapeutic progam Whinnying in Life. Please visit their website,

Feb. 12 2011 - We are happy to announce the birth of our first foal of the year on February 12th out of our AQHA mare HF Forever Sunny. The baby is a beautiful bay filly named Nutmeg. She is healthy and is quite the saucy little thing already!

Jan. 14 2011 - Horses leave for HITS in Florida!!

Dec. 2 2010 – Color Guard arrives home for a short vacation after successfully completing his 70 Day Test at Silver Creek Farms. Please refer to his stallion page for his scores and results.